Toshiba 3D Camcorder Profile

Toshiba mounted on deployed Steadicam Jr.
The Toshiba SK-3D7K 3D Video Camcorder is a self-contained VHS-C camcorder with two color video cameras and a built-in field sequential multiplexer. It can record either normal 2D video or 3D video using a field sequential format that is compatible with most Liquid Crystal Shutter (LCS) glasses systems designed for use with an ordinary television (NTSC) as well as some Head Mounted Displays (HMD) such as the Virtual I/O i-glasses.
Toshiba 3D camcorders are very rare. If you can find one they are quite expensive. I reluctantly sold mine in the summer of 1999 for almost $5,000 to a Electrical Engineer from Korea. Why so expensive? Well for one thing, there were only 500 of these particular units made. Unfortunately unless you build your own system, 3D video cameras are an expensive toy. (And even a home-built system isn't going to be what I would call cheap!) In any case, I've include references to other Toshibas that I know are available as well as other 3D video camera systems I am aware of. Why did I sell it? I've found that I did not use it as much as I expected. And I agree with the philosophy that many 3D enthusists share: If you're not using your 3D equipment, put it back into circulation.

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