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The aim of philosophy, abstractly formulated, is to understand how things in the broadest possible sense of the term hang together in the broadest possible sense of the term.
                                                            -Wilfrid Sellars



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The new AY begins after a productive spring and summer. I enjoyed stays in Sheffield, England, and Bonn, Germany, this summer, where I had the opportunity to discuss Sellars, Hegel, and Pragmatism with people like Robert Stern, Paul Redding, Markus Gabriel, and Shannon Dea. It was all great fun. This AY I am an officially designated "Distinguished Professor" at UNH -- an honor for which I am grateful.

The Wilfrid Sellars Society, I'm happy to say, is doing well. If you've got even a distant interest in Sellars's work or ideas, please join up to communicate with others so interested. Henry Jackman has joined me as Co-Editor of the new series Studies in American Philosophy from Pickering & Chatto. The first couple of books in the series will be out this fall. If you've got a manuscript on or in American philosophy, let's talk!

My current project is an exposition of Hegelian themes in late Analytic Philosophy, in particular (of course) Sellars and his epigones. That essay will appear in the Oxford Companion to Hegel. The next big event for me will be a conference on Sellars at Kent State University in the Spring, "Sellars in a New Generation". It is shaping up really nicely. The web site is https://sellars-ksu.squarespace.com/

My research interests are pretty broad, covering most metaphysics and epistemology, as well as the history of philosophy.  I have been particularly interested in the Philosophy of Mind and German Idealism.  I've got a book on Hegel's Theory of Mental Activity (available for download at this site) and a (defunct) textbook, Reality, Knowledge, and the Good Life.  A collaboration with my colleague Timm Triplett, Knowledge, Mind, and the Given: Reading Wilfrid Sellars's "Empiricism and the Philosophy of Mind," came out from Hackett Publishing in 2000. (We're also working on a set of dialogues debating Sellars's success, but that's going pretty slowly. Some of the dialogues are starting to show up in print, though!) I have published a critical overview of Wilfrid Sellars's philosophy, out from Acumen Publishing/McGill-Queen's University Press. More recently, there is Empiricism, Perceptual Knowledge, Normativity, and Realism: Essays on Wilfrid Sellars Available now through all good bookshops, or direct from Oxford University Press.


More Personally


I do Philosophy because I enjoy it, so it's also a personal interest of mine.  Teaching is a worthy, indeed, an honorable profession, and I try to do the best I can to help my students taste the life of the mind.  I'm active in my community: 


school building committees, soccer coach and referree, school technology committee, and increasing involvement with politics..
I also like to cook, wind surf, and do other nongeeky things on occasion






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