Solar Fuels via Surface Molecular Catalysis

Department of Chemistry, University of New Hampshire

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 UNH Solar Energy Workshop


In collaboration with the UNH Tech Camp, we are organizing a Solar Energy Workshop for students entering grades 9-10. The students will gain hands-on experience in a research lab by working on solar cell and photocatalysis projects. Different photosensitizers, including fruit juices, commercial ruthenium dyes and synthesized quantum dots, will be tested in the dye-sensitized solar cell project. Photocatalysis will be investigated as a promising approach for environmental remediation. Through participating in the workshop, the students will explore how chemistry and nanoscience can contribute to achieving efficient solar energy conversion. Each participant will receive a free DVD “The Power of the Sun” consisting of two educational films on solar energy. This workshop provides excellent opportunities for educating emerging workforce in energy-related fields to increase the national talent pipeline in clean energy, materials and catalysis science.

The workshop is supported by the NSF CAREER Program (Award #CHE-1352437).



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