Solar Fuels via Surface Molecular Catalysis

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News Archive

04-15-2016: Congratulations to Tong Jin who has successfully defended for her PhD! Dr. Jin is the second PhD student from the Li group and we wish her good luck!

03-24-2016: Tong publishes two more papers in Inorganic Chemistry and Journal of Coordination Chemistry. Congratulations!

02-15-2016: Gonghu starts sabbatical leave in Dr. Etsuko Fujita's group at Brookhaven National Lab.

12-08-2015: Gonghu gave a solar energy workshop to the STEAM for Girls club at Clinton Middle School in MA. Link to the workshop slides and a beautiful gift from the students.

10-30-2015: Our invited review article on surface-immobilized molecular CO2-reduction catalysts is now published by Comments on Inorganic Chemistry; another paper on the effect of ligand derivatization has been accepted for publication in Journal of Molecular Catalysis A.

10-21-2015: The department football competition is still going strong, and the Li group is currently dominating the scoreboards. Mike Louis has won two weeks and Sebastian has won one as well, however Sebastian currently leads the department in correctly predicted games!

10-06-2015: Former group member Dr. Jay Agarwal recently visited our campus! He presented a seminar entitled, “Electrocatalytic Conversion of CO2 to CO Using Mn(I)-Based Molecular Catalysts” to the department and even joined us for lunch.

09-16-2015: This fall our chemistry department is having a friendly competition in predicting scores for the NFL every week based upon a given spread. In the first week, our very own Michael Louis came out on top! He predicted 13 out of 16 games correctly. Congratulations!

08-07-2015: Our TiO2 photocatalysis project is funded by NSF for the next three years!

07-27-2015: Congratulations to Chao Liu who has successfully defended for his PhD! Dr. Liu is the first PhD student from the Li group and has successfully attained a post-doctoral position at Northwestern University starting in October. We wish him good luck on his new science adventures!

07-16-2015: The Li group had a nice picnic at Pawtuckaway State Park in nearby Nottingham, NH. We enjoyed a nice barbeque, soccer games, as well as canoeing on the lake! (See more)

06-26-2015: Gonghu has been promoted to Associate Professor with tenure. Thanks everyone for the great work!

05-25-2015: We welcome three summer undergraduate researchers, Wendy, Gabriel and Ami.

04-22-2015: Ram Subedi, Cameron McInnes, and Barry Powers presented posters at UNH's Undergraduate Research Conference for the interdisciplinary science and engineering program. Congratulations to them on the excellent research and presentations. (See more)

03-26-2015: We would like to welcome back Mike Louis and Chao Liu from ACS Denver! Mike Louis presented a poster at the conference titled, "FTIR Studies of Interactions between Carbon Dioxide and Surface Molecular Photocatalysts." (See more)

02-22-2015: The Li group has been very busy so far this winter, including with our ping pong tournament! Each Sunday the Li group gathers in three teams to battle it out for the championship. Both doubles and singles matches are included as each team battles for points throughout the semester to take home the trophy. Teams include rhenium, titanium and cobalt. Competition is stiff with titanium being early leaders with 11 points, rhenium follows with 7 points and cobalt rounds it up with 6 points. In a seperate bracket for the singles there is a three way tie for 1st place between Gonghu, Jeff and Tong. Time will only tell with what team will come up on top!

12-05-2014: Mike Louis has advanced to doctoral candidacy. Congratulations!

12-04-2014: Congratulations to Ben Stewart who was awarded an internship with Dr. Chris Bauer! They will be leading a science classroom for non-science majors called, "Fire and Ice."

12-04-2014: Sebastian Pantovich and Jarec Rondeau have joined the Li group as graduate students. Welcome!

10-24-2014: Gonghu has been invited to serve as an Editorial Board Member for Scientific Reports, a journal from Nature Publishing Group.

09-20-2014: The Solar Energy workshop was a success! Students and teachers from the New England area came and participated in learning about solar energy and how this energy can be utilized and harnessed. Experiments included making our own dye-sensitized solar cells, as well as studying dye degradation with TiO2. A big thank you to all that participated and contributed to this event! (See more)

09-03-2014: Our former member Kevin Duboisvisited the lab and enjoyed lunch with current research students. It was great to see him!

08-10-2014: Our Co(cyclam)X/TiO2 paper is among the Hot ChemComm articles for May 2014! Nice job, Tong and Chao. Link

08-08-2014: Kaolin paper accepted for publication! Congratulations to He, Chao and Mike.

06-18-2014: Our group has received a prestigious NSF CAREER Award! The grant will support our research on solar CO2 reduction using heterogenized molecular catalysts.

06-18-2014: Tong has advanced to doctoral candidacy. Congratulations!!

06-07-2014: Group ping pong Tournament!  Li’s group participated in a social gathering which was a ping pong tournament. Everyone played very well and there was lots of good competition between players. The final came down to Tong Jin and Ram Subedi which was a barn burner. Ram came out on top and was dubbed ping pong champion!

05-26-2014: Our very own Ben Stewart is getting married!  Graduate student, Ben Stewart, was married to his fiancée Sarah on May 24th. We wish them both the best and hope they have a lovely honeymoon in Quebec!