Solar Fuels via Surface Molecular Catalysis

Department of Chemistry, University of New Hampshire

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Group Pictures

                                                                       August 2016, Dr. Aaron Deskins visits the group

                                                                                 July 2016, Group Bowling trip (See more)

  The group celebrates with Dr. Tong Jin on successfully defending her thesis! (See more) Left to right: Dr. Gonghu Li, Dr. Magaret Greenslade, Dr. Tong Jin, and Dr. Howard Mayne. 

                                                                      October 2015, Dr. Jay Agarwal visits his old group

                                                                                            August 2015, Group Lunch

                                                                           July 2015, Group Picnic (See more)

                      July 2015, Chao defends his thesis!                                              The group celebrates with the new Dr. Liu


                                                                 April 2015, Rami Subedi and Cameron McInnes at the URC

                      April 2015, Barry Powers at the URC                                                   March 2015, Mike Louis at ACS Denver


                                                               September 2014, Solar Energy Workshop (See more)

                         September 2014, Group Picture                                                 September 2014, Kevin Dubois visits Group

                     June 2014, Ping Pong Tournament (See More)                                                  June 2014, Group lunch


                 May 2014, Sebastian Pantovich in Lab                                                            March 2014, Group Picture

        Special thanks to Dr. Richard Johnson for the photo

                          May 2013, Group Picture                                                                          March 2012, Group Lunch

                                 July 2012, Group Lunch                                                              March 2012, ACS meeting with advisors

                                                                                        July 2011, Group Picnic

                                Janurary 2011, Old Office                                                                      June 2010, Outside Parsons

                                            June 2010, Group Dinner                                           July 2010, Solar Cell Workshop (See More)

                                                                                        August 2010, Yale Visit