Solar Fuels via Surface Molecular Catalysis

Department of Chemistry, University of New Hampshire

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Principal Investigator

  Dr. Gonghu Li
  Associate Professor
  Department of Chemistry
  University of New Hampshire
  Durham, NH 03824-3598 U.S.A.
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Group Members

Current Postdoctoral Associates

Dr. Peipei Huang

B.S. 2011 University of Jinan
Ph.D. 2016, Institute of Chemistry Chinese Academy of Sciences

Current Graduate Students

Mike Louis

5th year
B.S. 2011, UMass Amherst

Thomas Fenton

4th year
B.S. 2013, SUNY Oneonta

Benjamin Stewart

4th year
B.S. 2013, Gordon College

Sebastian Pantovich

3rd year
B.S. 2014, University of New Hampshire

Jarec Rondeau

3rd year
B.S. 2014, University of Hartford

Samantha Gillingham

1st year
B.A. 2016, Hartwick University

Shaochen Xu

1st year
B.S. 2016, Southern University of Science and Technology of China

Norbert Okolie
1st year
B.S. , Ahmadu Bello University
M.S. , University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy

Current Undergraduate Students

-Currently accpeting undergraduate students.

Former Group Members

Recent Graduate Students

Former Undergraduate Students

Former Research Assistants and Postdoctoral Associates