Solar Fuels via Surface Molecular Catalysis

Department of Chemistry, University of New Hampshire

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Welcome to Gonghu Li's Group Page

We utilize our expertise in surface chemistry and molecular catalysis to develop innovative catalytic materials for sustainable energy applications. A process of particular interest is solar fuel generation by CO2 reduction using molecular catalysts grafted on nanostructured surfaces. Our projects rely heavily on spectroscopic, microscopic, and electrochemical techniques to characterize the hybrid catalysts and establish structure-function relationships. In addition, we integrate education with research by organizing solar energy workshops for K-12 science teachers.


04-17-2017: Congratulations to Michael Louis for succesfully defending his PhD thesis! Dr. Louis is now the third PhD graduate from the Li group. We wish him all the best!

03-23-2017: We welcome Dr. Peipei Huang who joins our group as a Postdoctoral Associate to work on the DOE project!

01-30-2017: We like to congratulate our Ben Stewart on the birth of his son, Samuel earlier this month! Samuel James joined Ben and Sara Stewart on January 5th in the late morning. A great start to the new year!

11-18-2016: The Li group welcomes three new graduate students, Norbert, Shaochen and Samantha! A ping-pong tournament is being planned as the first qualifying exam for them.

11-17-2016: Our second paper on photoelectrochemical CO2 reduction in collaboration with Dr. Jay Agarwal and Dr. Dunwei Wang has been accepted for publication in ChemComm!

08-16-2016: Congratulations to Tom Fenton for passing his proposal and advancing to doctoral candidacy!

08-03-2016: Our solar fuel project in collaboration with Dr. Christine Caputo and Dr. Tijana Rajh is funded by the DOE EPSCoR program for the next three years!

07-28-2016: Our Cu/TiO2 paper in collaboration with Dr. Aaron Deskins has been accepted for publication in Journal of Photonics for Energy!

07-18-2016: Our photoelectrochemical CO2 reduction paper in collaboration with Dr. Dunwei Wang has been accepted for publication in Chem. -Eur. J!

07-08-2016: Our Co(cyclam)X/TiO2 paper in collaboration with Dr. Tijana Rajh has been accepted for publication in J. Mol. Catal. A.

06-02-2016: We welcome three summer undergraduate researchers, Anyu Gao, Kayla Eckley and Samatha Lavallee!

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