Research in the Pazicni group focuses on chemistry education and bioinorganic chemistry.

Above is our latest group picture, featuring members (l-r) Kyle Rodriguez, Ryan Hall, Austin Power, Max Bilodeau, Prof. Sam Pazicni, René Buell, and Christian Tooley.

Contact: sam [dot] pazicni [at] unh [dot] edu

Welcome to the pazicni group at the university of new hampshire!

March 2015: Functional Divergence of Heme-Thiolate Proteins: A Classification Based on Spectroscopic Attributes is published in Chemical Reviews!

February 2015: Sam is the PI on newly funded NSF S-STEM award that will provide scholarships to community college students so they may pursue 4-yr STEM degrees at UNH!

December 2014: We welcome inorganic chemistry graduate student David Danico to the group!

November 2014: Sam has agreed to be a discussant at the 2015 Gordon Research Conference on Chemistry Education Research and Practice.

September 2014: The Testing Effect: An Intervention on Behalf of Low-Skilled Comprehenders in General Chemistry is published in the Journal of Chemical Education!

September 2014: Sam presents a poster a the CIRCLE conference in St. Louis, MO.

July 2014: Sam and Prof. Marilyne Stains (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) present a two-part workshop at the Biennial Conference on Chemistry Education entitled “Infusing the Science of Learning into Your Chemistry Course”

May 2014: Sam presents a live ACS Webinar on “Surviving and Succeeding in Graduate School”.