Research in the Pazicni group focuses on chemistry education and bioinorganic chemistry.

Above is our latest group picture, featuring members (standing, l-r) Eric Guinto, Max Bilodeau, Dr. Dan Pyburn, Kyle Rodriguez, and Christian Tooley; and (seated, l-r) Austin Power, Justin O’Brien, Prof. Sam Pazicni, Dr. Stephanie Jones, and René Buell.

Contact: sam [dot] pazicni [at] unh [dot] edu

Welcome to the pazicni group at the university of new hampshire!

March 2014: Congratulations to Dr. Dan Pyburn! Dan successfully defended his doctoral dissertation on March 7.

March 2014: “Applying the Multilevel Model of Discourse Comprehension to evaluate the text characteristics of general chemistry textbooks” has been accepted for publication in The Journal of Chemical Education!

January 2014: Check out “Graduate School Reality Check”, ACS Webinars facilitated by Sam by clicking here.

December 2013: “Intervening on behalf of low-skilled comprehenders in a general chemistry course” is published in Applying the Science of Learning In Education: Infusing psychological science into the curriculum! Download the entire book by clicking here.

December 2013: We welcome René Buell, a new Chemistry Education Research Ph.D. student, to the group!

October 2013: “Characterizing illusions of competence in introductory chemistry students” is published in Chemistry Education Research and Practice!