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Sheila McNamee, Ph.D.

Sheila McNamee is Professor of Communication at the University of New Hampshire and co-founder and Vice President of the Taos Institute ( Professor McNamee has held Visiting Professorships at City University (Hong Kong), Utrecht University (The Netherlands), the University of Sao Paulo (Brazil), and the University of Parma (Italy). She was Professor of Culture Studies at Tilburg University from 2013-2016. Her work is focused on dialogic transformation within a variety of social and institutional contexts including psychotherapy, organizations, and communities. Among her most recent books are Research and Social Change: A Relational Constructionist Approach, with Dian Marie Hosking (Routledge, 2012) and Education as social construction: Contributions to theory, research and practice, edited by Dragonas, Gergen, McNamee & Tseliou (WorldShare Books, 2015) — download at:

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New Publication, December 2011

This book bridges scholarly forms of inquiry and practitioners' daily activites. It introduces inquirty as a process of relationsal construction, offereing resources to practitioners who want to reflect on how their work generates practical effects.

Available from Routledge Press


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Purity vs. Promiscuity in Therapeutic Practice: If Rembrandt met Picasso, How Would their Conversation Go?
Sheila McNamee, University of New Hampshire
Product ID: 978-1-4631-1184-7
Price: $109.00

Family Therapy has continually confronted choices between polarized positions—for example, structural, strategic, solution-focused, narrative -- each one taken up with zeal because it solved an old dilemma but eventually encountering its own limitations. In this dynamic presentation, Sheila McNamee suggest that we have evolved to a point where, instead of deciding which is better, we can focus on how to use theories, models, and techniques as fluid and flexible resources for action in the therapeutic conversation. Doing so focuses our attention on how we can move in and out of various positions including those that simplify issues and those that embrace complexity.

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Transforming Conflict in Non-linguistic Ways
Sheila McNamee, University of New Hampshire
Price: $49.00

This talk offers several illustrations of artistic and other performance-based modalities being conducted globally to help individuals and communitites move beyond limited understandings of self and other. Discussion centers on the generativity of movement beyond words to coordinate new forms of life.


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Therapy as Social Construction: Introduction, Clinical Consultation and Reflecting Team
Sheila McNamee, University of New Hampshire; Julie Tilsen, Ph.D., International Center for Clinical Excellence
Product ID: 978-1-4631-1185-4
Price: $169.00

Sheila McNamee, interviewed by Julie Tilsen, discusses the generative potential of therapy as social construction. As a philosophical stance, social construction positions us to view therapy as a conversational process not defined by nor limited to the specifications of particular models or the use of fixed techniques. This is followed by a consultation with Jeff, a therapist feeling “stuck” with a client. Sheila works to open up possibilities for Jeff and his client by engaging in a fluid conversation fueled by curiosity and propelled by the generative and reflexive commentary of a reflecting team.


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