Assignment 7 - Santiago Linares - CS408-03

This page shows the Good, Bad, and Ugly of the Internet. I searched for articles and examples of each of these types off aspects of the internet.

The Good
I found this article about how Ebay was now helping to make sure obtaining a green car would be easier. The new interface and listings will allow the spread of green cars to help the enviroment. The site also aims to educate users about the types of greener cars available. They aim to make a greater push in the country toward enviroment friendly vehicles. Ebay Green Site
The Bad
I found,
The Ugly
I found this article showed the ugly side of the Internet because it shows how this man became obsessed with this woman by meeting her and contacting her via Facebook. He was given a lifetime restraining order against the woman and sent to prison for 12 months. During his contact with the woman, he would sent over 30 messages a day. Many of these messages were trying to get to know her but once she declined involvement with him, he began increasingly disturbing with his messages. He eventually began to threaten her and threaten her family. The man terrorised the woman for two years until she confessed to the police about the man's disturbing messages. Cyber Stalker terrorised girl via Facebook