Insects Across America

David L. Kulhavy and Paul C. Johnson

Insects Across America is a program designed to allow children across the country to express their fascination with insects through poster art. A school or educational organization in each state will be selected to represent their state by preparing a 25 foot long butcher paper poster decorated with insects, both real and imaginary, poetry, cutouts, pictures, etc., that express their interest in insects. Emphasis should be on insects characteristic of their state, but the range of possibilities is limited only by the children's imagination.

Ultimately, we hope to display the finished poster (over 50 sections, each 25 feet long!) in the Smithsonian Institute Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. The poster project is a follow-up to Project Monarch, a series of posters prepared by students across the country promoting the Monarch butterfly for our national insect, which was displayed at the Smithsonian in January of 1995.

We have completed posters for 31 states and have selected participants in an additional seven states. You can follow the progress on a map of the United States or read comments made by participating schools/organizations by following the links below. If you know of some organization or group in one of the states listed as "needed" that would like to participate, please have them contact us!


Follow the progress of Insects Across America on this map of the United States. Completed and pending posters are included. If your state is still unrepresented and you want to become involved, contact us at the e-mail addresses below.

IAA Schools and Organizations

See which schools or organizations have been involved in Insects Across America and read their comments regarding the program. If your state is not represented, contact us at the e-mail addresses below to see if your school or organization can become involved.

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