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This is a CGI script that displays my monthly calendars on the web. The real script is hidden behind a passworded directory. (I don't want to share my entire schedule, sorry.) But a sample page can be seen here. In actual use, it runs on my workstation's web server.

If the script receives year and month CGI query parameters, and can make sense out of them as an actual year and month, it will display that month's calendar. Otherwise the current month is displayed.

It's a good example of how mediocre programming skills can glue together very hard work from smarter people into something kind of useful.

So the idea is: use the CGI module to extract the query parameters; use the Date::Manip stuff to parse them and figure out the appropriate arguments for the remind program and the rem2html script; call the CGI routines further to wrap the output in the desired format.

That's simple enough that almost certainly other folks have done this exact same thing. But I couldn't find one anywhere.

I like this solution, because it's one-click available from a web browser anywhere via a bookmark; I don't need to be sitting anyplace special, or run anything extra.


A number of things are hard-coded into the CGI script:


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