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Publications on CME-CME interaction (simulations)

Publications on CME initation and coronal evolution of CMEs (simulations)

Publications on the Harmonic Mean (HM) method for data from heliospheric imagers

Publications on numerical simulations of STEREO/SECCHI observations (simulations)

Other publications on CMEs based on remote-sensing observations and in-situ measurements

Publications on the Jovian magnetosphere (Master work)

  • Numerical Modeling of Interplanetary Coronal Mass Ejections and Comparison with Heliospheric Images,
    Lugaz, N., Roussev, I. I., Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics, 2011, 73, 1187-1200, doi: 10.1016/j.jastp.2010.08.016, HTML Link.

  • Solar-Terrestrial Simulation in the STEREO Era: The January 24-25, 2007 Eruptions,
    Lugaz, N., Vourlidas, A., Roussev, I. I., Morgan, H., Solar Physics (Topical Issue: STEREO results at solar minimum), 2009, 256, 269-284, doi: 10.1007/s11207-009-9339-4, 1.2Mb PDF File

  • Assessing a New Method for Deriving the Kinematics of ICMEs with a Numerical Simulation
    Rollett, T., Temmer, M., Moestl, C., Lugaz, N., Veronig, A. M. and Moestl, U. V., Solar Physics, 2013, 283, 541-556.

  • The Brightness of Density Structures at Large Solar Elongation Angles: What is Being Observed by STEREO/SECCHI?,
    Lugaz, N., Vourlidas, A., Roussev, I. I., Jacobs, C., Manchester, IV, W. B., Cohen, O., Astrophysical Journal Letters, 2008, 684, L111-L114, 0.75Mb PDF File

  • The evolution of Coronal Mass Ejection Density Structures,
    Lugaz, N., Manchester, IV, W. B., & Gombosi, T. I., Astrophysical Journal, 2005, 627, 1019-1030, doi:10.1086/430465
    812Kb PDF File

  • Three-Dimensional MHD Simulation of the 2003 October 28 Coronal Mass Ejection: Comparison with LASCO Coronagraph Observations,
    Manchester, IV, W. B., Vourlidas, A., Toth, G., Lugaz, N., Roussev, I. I., Gombosi, T. I., Sokolov, I. De Zeeuw, D., Opher, M., Astrophysical Journal, 2008, 684, 1448-1460.

  • Determining CME Parameters by Fitting Heliospheric Observations: Numerical Investigation of the Accuracy of the Methods,
    Lugaz, N., Roussev, I. I., Gombosi, T. I., Advances in Space Research, 2011, 48, 292-299, doi:10.1016/j.asr.2011.03.015, HTML link .

  • Validation of a global 3D heliospheric model with observations for the May 12, 1997 CME event,
    Cohen, O., Sokolov, I. V., Roussev, I. I., Lugaz, N., Manchester, IV, W. B, Gombosi, T. I. , & Arge, C. N., Journal of Atmosphere and Solar-Terrestrial Physics, 2008, 70, 583-592

  • Theoretical Modeling for the STEREO Mission,
    Aschwanden, M. J., Burlaga, L. F., Kaiswe, M. L., Ng, C. K, Reames, D. V., Reiner, M. J, Gombosi, T. I., Lugaz, N., Manchester, W. IV., Roussev, I. I., Zurbuchen, T. H. and 30 co-authors, Space Science Reviews, 2008, 136, 565-604, The STEREO Instruments and Mission, eds. C. T. Russel and M. L. Kaiser, doi:10.1007/s11214-006-9027-8

Simulated HI images of a CME from Lugaz et al., ApJ, 2005a Simulated time-elongation plot (J-map) compared to real one (bottom)
for the 2007 January 24-25 CME from Lugaz et al., Solar Physics, 2009

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