Publications on the HM method for HI observations



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Publications on CME-CME interaction

Publications on CME initation and coronal evolution of CMEs (simulations)

Publications on the Harmonic Mean (HM) method for data from heliospheric imagers

Publications on numerical simulations of STEREO/SECCHI observations (simulations)

Other publications on CMEs based on remote-sensing observations and in-situ measurements

Publications on the Jovian magnetosphere (Master work)

  • Deriving the radial distances of wide coronal mass ejections from elongation measurements in the heliosphere - Application to CME-CME interaction,
    Lugaz, N., Vourlidas, A., Roussev, Annales Geophysicae, 2009, 27, 3479-3488, 6.5Mb PDF File

  • Accuracy and Limitations of Fitting and Stereoscopic Methods to Determine the Direction of Coronal Mass Ejections from Heliospheric Imagers Observations,
    Lugaz, N., Solar Physics, 2010, 267, 411-429, doi: 10.1007/ s11207-010-9654-9, PDF File.

  • Determining the Azimuthal Properties of Coronal Mass Ejections from Multi-Spacecraft Remote-Sensing Observations with STEREO SECCHI,
    Lugaz, N., Hernandez-Charpak, J. N., Roussev, I. I., Davis, C. J., Vourlidas, A., Davies, J. A., Astrophysical Journal, 2010, 715, 493-499, doi: 10.1088/0004-637X/715/1/493, 407kb PDF File.

  • Heliospheric Observations of STEREO-Directed Coronal Mass Ejections in 2008--2010: Lessons for Future Observations of Earth-Directed CMEs,
    Lugaz, N., Kintner, P., Moestl, C., Jian, L. K., Davis, C. J., Farrugia, C. J., Solar Physics, 2012, doi:10.1007/s11207-012-0007-8.

  • Effect of Solar Wind Drag on the Determination of the Properties of Coronal Mass Ejections from Heliospheric Images
    Lugaz, N. and Kintner, P., Solar Physics, 2013, 258, 281-294 arXiv , HMTL.

  • Establishing a Stereoscopic Technique for Determining the Kinematic Properties of Solar Wind Transients based on a Generalized Self-similarly Expanding Circular Geometry
    Davies, J. A., Perry, C. H., Trines, R. M., Harrison, R. A., Lugaz, N., Moestl, C., Liu, Y. D., Steed, K. Astrophysical Journal, 2013, 777, 45, HTML link.

  • A Self-similar Expansion Model for Use in Solar Wind Transient Propagation Studies,
    Davies, J. A., Harrison, R. A., Perry, C. H., Moestl, C., Lugaz, N. , Rollet, T., Davis, C. J., Crothers, S. R., Temmer, M., Eyles, C. J., Savani, N. P., Astrophysical Journal, 2012, 750, 23, doi:10.1088/0004-637X/750/1/23

  • Arrival time calculation for interplanetary coronal mass ejections with circular fronts and application to STEREO observations of the 2009 February 13 eruption,
    Moestl, C., Rollet, T., Lugaz, N., Farrugia, C. J., Davies, J. A., Temmer, M, and 8 co-authors, Astrophysical Journal, 2011, 741, 34.

  • Determining CME Parameters by Fitting Heliospheric Observations: Numerical Investigation of the Accuracy of the Methods,
    Lugaz, N., Roussev, I. I., Gombosi, T. I., Advances in Space Research, 2011, 48, 292-299, doi:10.1016/j.asr.2011.03.015, HTML link .

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