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Publications on CME-CME interaction

Publications on CME initation and coronal evolution of CMEs (simulations)

Publications on the Harmonic Mean (HM) method for data from heliospheric imagers

Publications on numerical simulations of STEREO/SECCHI observations (simulations)

Other publications on CMEs based on remote-sensing observations and in-situ measurements

Publications on the Jovian magnetosphere (Master work)

My publications can be found through the SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System ADS or through Thomson Reuters ResearcherID.

  • The Interaction of Successive Coronal Mass Ejections: A Review
    Lugaz, N., Temmer, M., Wang, Y. and Farrugia, C. J., Solar Physics, 292, 64, Arxiv Link.

  • Statistical study of ICME effects on Mercury's magnetospheric boundaries and northern cusp region from MESSENGER
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  • Longitudinal conjunction between MESSENGER and STEREO A: Development of ICME complexity through stream interactions
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  • Small solar wind transients at 1 AU: STEREO observations (2007-2014) and comparison with near-Earth wind results (1995-2014)
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  • Eruptive Prominences and Their Impact on Earth and Our Life
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  • A new Class of Complex Ejecta Resulting from the Interaction of two CMEs and its Expected Geoeffectiveness
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  • Complex Evolution of Coronal Mass Ejections in the Inner Heliosphere as Revealed by Numerical Simulations and STEREO Observations: A Review
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  • Sun-to-Earth Characteristics of Two Coronal Mass Ejections Interacting Near 1 AU: Formation of a Complex Ejecta and Generation of a Two-step Geomagnetic Storm
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  • Establishing a Stereoscopic Technique for Determining the Kinematic Properties of Solar Wind Transients based on a Generalized Self-similarly Expanding Circular Geometry
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    4.7Mb PDF File

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    812Kb PDF File

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A pdf version of my resume including a list of publications can once again be found here.