MathPad XFuns

XFuns are plug-in modules that can be used to extend MathPad's capabilities. This page is used to distribute new XFuns as they become available. (Last updated 29-May-06).

Programers interested in writing their own XFuns can download an XFun kit. It contains documentation, interface routines and C source code for several example XFuns. The XFun kit hasn't been updated for years but it is mostly still valid. Contact me for more up to date info.

Most XFuns that are available for MathPad version 2.6.5 are already included with the distribution and do not need to be separately downloaded.

The following XFuns are not included in the 2.6.5 distribution:

ffts [get]
-- ffts(C)
-- invffts(C)
This is an alternative to the standard MathPad fft XFun. It provides fft() and invfft() routines that do not require the input array length to be a power of 2.
Provided by Tihamer Geyer.

readspice (v1.3) [get]
-- readspice("rawfile","signame")
-- deletefile("rawfile")
-- runspice("circfile")
This is a special purpose XFun for use with SPICE electronic circuit simulation. The readspice XFun works with MacSpice (a freeware mac application) to provide an alternate way of plotting simulation results.

Version 1.3 fixes problems with reading ASCII file format and reading intel generated binary files.

The following XFuns have been added or updated since version 2.6.4:

gettime [get]
System date time routines.
-- GetTime(0) returns the current date time {yr,mo,day,hr,min,sec}
-- Date2Secs(date) converts {yr,mo,day,hr,min,sec} to seconds since 1904
-- Secs2Date(secs) converts seconds since 1904 to {yr,mo,day,hr,min,sec}

The following XFuns have been added or updated since version 2.6.3:

QTmovie (v1.2) [get]
-- movie(fname,nframes)
Save a sequence of plots as a QuickTime movie. Version 1.2 creates a flattened data fork movie file that can be used directly for web pages.

viewsurf (v1.2) [get]
-- viewsurf(zgrid,plotflag)
Display a projection of a 3D surface. Version 1.2 forces the surface view window to the front on each evaluation.

Xfuns for version 2.5 or earlier will not work with MathPad 2.6.

Version 2.5 XFuns are still available but should only be used with older versions of MathPad. Version 2.5 XFuns

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