MathPad old versions

The latest release of MathPad is version 3.04. It requires OS-X v10.6 or better. Previous versions are available for download here.

Detailed version history.

MathPad 2.6.5 is for OS-X powerPC. It will run on System 8.6 through OS-X v10.6.

[] (616K) -- MathPad 2.6.5 full distribution.
[MathPad_265.sit] (548K) -- The .sit archive and .zip archive contain the same files. The .zip archive may not expand properly on older systems so OS-9 users may need the .sit archive.

Version 2.6 XFuns

Version 2.6.4 is superseded by 2.6.5 but is still available.

[MathPad_264.sit] (548K) -- MathPad 2.6.4 full distribution

Version 2.6.3 is superseded by 2.6.4 but is still available.

[MathPad-263.bin] (495K) -- MathPad 2.6.3 full distribution

Version 2.5.2 may be more appropriate if your system is a bit older. The distribution contains both a powerPC and a 68K application that should run on any mac with system 7 or better and a 68020 processor or better.

[MathPad-252.bin] (577K) -- MathPad 2.5.2 full distribution

Version 2.4.7 lacks some features but is a bit smaller and may be preferred if your system has very limited memory.

[MathPad-247.bin] (281K) -- MathPad 2.4.7 full distribution

For those people unable to part with their old faithful 68000 (pre 68020) based machines, there is a special variant of MathPad 2.4.7 that will run on these machines.

This version is essentially the same but is slightly larger and slower than the standard 2.4.7. Documentation and examples can be found with the MathPad 2.4.7 full distribution.

[MathPad-247S.bin] (77K) -- MathPad 2.4.7S application only.

Version 2.4.7S requires system 7. If you need to run under system 6 you can try MathPad 2.3.5. It does not have all the features of 2.4.7 but it will run under system 6.

[MathPad235.bin] (132K) -- MathPad 2.3.5 full distribution.

If you are trying to run system 4, it just might be time to consider an upgrade before your 400K floppy drive wears out.

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