MathPad Examples

This is a collection of examples and utility functions sent in by users. Most of the example files are text that can be viewed directly from your browser. To try the example you will need to download the file and drop it on MathPad or copy the text and paste it into a MathPad document.

Include Files

bessel.txt -- 0-th and 1st-order Bessel functions
constants.txt -- A collection of physical constants and unit conversions

3D Graphing

EParaboloid.txt -- Draw an eliptical parabaloid.
HParaboloid.txt -- Draw a hyperbolic parabaloid.
graph3D.txt -- General routines for plotting 3D functions.
parametric3D.txt -- 3D parametric plot.
surf_plot.txt -- Routine for plotting a surface.

Linear Algebra

Gauss-Jordan.txt -- Matrix manipulation.
Gauss_Elimination.txt -- Matrix manipulation.
rotation.txt -- Rotation about an arbitrary vector

Numerical Integration

integration.txt -- Romberg integration
integration1.txt -- Simpson integration
integration2.txt -- Adaptive Simpson Integration
integration3.txt -- Simpson integration for discrete values

Differential Equations

ODE_Plotter.txt -- Solves an equation of the form y'=f(x,y)
simultODE1.txt -- Euler routine which solves simultaneous differential equations.
simultODE2.txt -- RungeKutta routine which solves simultaneous differential equations.


fractal.txt -- Generate a fractal image
art1.txt-- Create patterns with math
art2.txt-- Create patterns with math


Spin Deploy Movie


vectorplot.txt and vector_example.txt -- Vector field plotting
wavereadme.txt -- Some definitions for manipulating time sampled data. Download Archive
lowpass.txt -- Digital filter
lowpass1.txt -- Digital filter
Peakfinder.txt -- Find a peak location in spectra
OrificeMeter -- Mass Flow Rate Calculations for Dry Air.
heat_conduction.txt -- Heat conduction partial differential equation

Curve Fitting

LMFitlib.txt LMFit.txt -- Levenberg-Marquardt (gradient-expansion) minimizer
nonlinear_fit.txt -- General Non-Linear Least Squares Curve Fitting Program


WGS84data.txt, TMgeogtogrid.txt, TMgridtogeog.txt -- Routines to convert to and from geographical (latitude-longitude) coordinates and Transverse Mercator grid coordinate system. Also needed is an include file containing the dimensions of the ellipsoid and the coordinates of the origin of the coordinate system. The example include file contains the data for the WGS84 ellipsoid and the UTM projection system (i.e. what almost every GPS unit uses)
nonlin_eqns.txt -- Newton's Method for a system of non-linear equations
EllipsePerim.txt -- Approximation for ellipse perimeters
Fibonacci.txt -- Recursive routine to generate a Fibonachi series
GCD.txt -- Find greatest common divisor
Julian.txt -- Calculate Julian date
lunar_phase.txt -- Graph phase of moon for a month
interpolation2.txt -- Lagrange formula for the interpolating polynomial of degree N passing through N points.
shell_sort.txt -- Sort an array in place
starmag.txt -- Calculate flux, in photons and in watts, produced by a star of the specified visual magnitude (Mv) and temperature.

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