New version for for OS X v10.7

Download MathPad 3.04 (22-SEP-12)

MathPad is a general purpose graphing scientific calculator for the Macintosh. It uses text worksheets rather than simulating buttons on a hand held calculator. This live scratchpad interface allows you to see and edit your entire calculation. Formulas can be entered directly and different values can be plugged in for easy "what if" calculating.

In addition to being a handy little calculator, MathPad can also take on larger problems. Simple plotting allows quick visualization of results. General purpose arrays allow calculations involving vectors, complex numbers, matrix algebra etc. 2D arrays can be displayed as grayscale or color images. Several examples are included showing such things as equation solving, curve fitting, vector calculations and numerical solution of differential equations.

MathPad 3.04 is an update to provide compatibility with OS X 10.7. The new version is an Intel native Cocoa application with nearly all the functionality of the old PPC version of MathPad. Old documents will work as-is with minor exceptions. See what's new for details.

MathPad 3.04 requires Intel and OS X 10.6 or better. Older versions are also available.

MathPad is copyright 1993-2012 by Mark Widholm. All rights reserved. MathPad can be used and distributed for free. Selling it for profit without my permission is forbidden. If you wish to sell any software collection or product bundle containing MathPad contact me for permission.

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More details available in an online copy of the manual.

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