In memory of


The 10-year old son of Mullah Omar

At 8:55 P.M. on the night of October 7/8, 2001

In Mullah Omarís 10-acre compound on outskirts of Kandahar. U.S. missiles rain upon the compound. Mullah Omarís 10-year old son severely wounded in abdomen and had a broken femur, according to Doctor Abdul Barri who cared for the dying child. Mullah Omarís uncle was also hit in the raid and brought to Mir Wais hospital. The longtime personal driver of Mullah Omar, Qari Saheb, was with Omar in his compound (photo by LAT above) on the night of the first U.S. bombing. According to Saheb, Omar initially spurned advisers who begged him to flee to safety. ďEven if [President] Bush shows up at my door, I will not leave,Ē said Omar. Knowing that the Americans would strike his vehicles, aides ushered Omar into a rickshaw and pulled him to the center of Kandahar. There, he shifted to a mud-covered truck and disappeared. Behroz Khan, the very well-connected Pakistani journalist, added that one of Omarís four wives and a daughter, a sister-in-law and her two daughters were also killed on the first night of the U.S. attacks.

U.S. aerial projectiles