In memory of


5 civilians killed

3 civilians wounded

on August 16, 2007

in the Wazi Khwa district of Paktika Province by Polish occupation troops. A Polish armored vehicle on a patrol hit an IED and a fire fight ensued. The Polish military admitted that firing by its troops had killed “several civilians” and injured others. The shooting of 5 Afghan civilians and wounding of 3 others took place two days after a Polish soldier was killed in an ambush in eastern Afghanistan. Polish occupation forces as part of NATO number 1,200 and have 5 bases in Afghanistan: at Bagram, Sharan, Ghazni, Gardez and Wazi Khwa.

On November 13th, Polish military prosecutors announced that seven Polish soldiers were detained for violating international law, notably the Hague and Geneva conventions. This is unprecedented and should of course be the norm. Are U.S. occupation troops or pilots ever sanctioned or held accountable for slaughtering Afghan civilians? Maybe being an ex-state socialist country matters?


Killed by ground fire of Polish occupation forces