In memory of and sympathy for


five civilians killed

eight civilians injured



on the night of February 2-3, 2006


in a small village of Sarvan Kala about 200 homes in the restive Sangin district of Helmand Province, about 100 kms north/northeast of Lashkar Gah (25 kms northeast of the town of Gereshk, site of U.S. Special Forces’ forward operating base, A-Camp Price). Some 200 Taliban and associates had attacked police convoys and district posts in the area and succeeded in encircling the deputy governor of Helmand Province, Haji Mullah Mir and his 100 troops according to the BBC and the Deutsche Press Agentur (not the Associated Press). The BBC's Paul Wood in Kandahar said it was the most serious fighting between government forces and the Taliban for two years. Fierce fighting ensued for two days between insurgents and U.S. and Afghan troops with many casualties and U.S. close air support was called-in. The U.S. A-10 Warthog fighter planes using Gatling cannons which fire 3,900 rounds a minute made out of depleted uranium (for details on the A-10 Warthog, see my essay on “Uranium Wars” at along with British Harrier jets and a B-52B heavy bomber responded, attacking a village near Josh Aali, killing insurgents and “several civilians” according to villagers (Reuters) and causing dozens of families there to flee, as reported by both Reuters and Agence France Presse (but not the Associated Press). According to Reuters, “rifle bullet casings littered the ground and blood stains could be seen in several places. Apart from a few dogs wandering about and some police looking for any Taliban still hiding out, the settlement of mud-built houses looked like a ghost town.” Pajhwok Afghan News has provided details: Haqdad, an inhabitant of the bombed village, reported he personally knew five of the civilians killed or injured. Another witness, Ghulam Sarwar, said U.S. forces had entered the village, burst open home doors, and terrified villagers.  As usual, to cover up evidence of the carnage (news management), U.S. and Afghan troops tried to seal-off the bombed village of Sarvan Kala located several kilometers from Josh Aali.



Cannon fire by Northrup Grumman A-10 ‘Warthog’ attack aircraft, British Harrier jets and a B-52B heavy bomber providing close air support