In memory of and sympathy for


one civilian killed

another civilian injured



at 6:30 A.M. February 4, 2006

in Shoraw village, about 50 kms northwest of Gereshk, Washir district of Helmand Province. U.S. occupation forces opened fire upon a van carrying two men as it approached their military convoy, instantly killing the passenger and injuring the driver. This is the kind of incident which rarely gets reported in the U.S. mainstream press, but was written up in Pajhwok Afghan News by reporter, Abdus Samad Roohani. The U.S. Bagram propaganda center admitted the incident, claiming the vehicle had failed to stop when warned – an ‘explanation’ often put forth in Iraq.

killed by ground fire from U.S. occupation forces – probably the U.S. Special Forces unit based in Gereshk