In memory of and sympathy for


Commander-in-Chief Obama’s first Afghan civilian victims only 2 days after his inauguration:


Two men killed

Woman injured

Two children injured

A man injured who died later



On January 21 and 22, 2009

Killed in Sangin district, Helmand Province. NATO occupation forces killed a local man who was “digging along a roadside” near Gereshk.


In another location in the Nawa district,  NATO forces engaged in a firefight with the resistance leading to a dead civilian man and three wounded (one man killed, 1 injured, a woman injured, one man injured and 2 children wounded). The injured man died later. Reuters reported that two children were injured in Sangin district, about 409 km (305 miles) southwest of Kabul, after NATO-led forces fired on a Taliban compound. Munitions inside the compound exploded, causing shrapnel injuries to the children who were nearby. Haji Tor khan, a provincial council member told Pajhwok Afghan News three civilians were killed during a clash between NATO-led ISAF soldiers and Taliban in Nawa district. The clashes have forced large numbers of ordinary people to flee their houses, he said. A number of houses were also destroyed during bombing by International Security Assistance Force soldiers, another tribal elder Haji Tanha said. Only Pajhwok Afghan News, RAWA, Xinhua, Reuters and Germany’s DPA found this worthy of reporting.


 Killed by NATO ground fire