In memory of


at least ten civilians


during May 2 -3, 2009


in the Hilgal Valley of Ghaziabad district, in north of Kunar  Province. After the Taliban attack upon a forward operating base of the US/NATO/Afghan forces which killed 3 American, 3 Afghan and 2 Latvian occupation soldiers (as part of the “coalition of  the bribed”, Latvia maintains 164 occupation troops in Afghanistan), a huge retaliatory search and destroy operation was launched involving ground and aerial bombardment. The head of the Kunar Provincial Council, Maulvi Ezatollah told the independent Afghan Islamic Press that the foreign forces’ bombardment in the Hilgal Valley had resulted in the death of 10 civilians including some elders while an air attack in another area left some women and children dead. The Hilgal area was bombed day and night from May 2-3rd. Not a word in the western media about these attacks other than the usual “19 Taliban insurgents” were killed.


Killed in US/NATO air and ground strikes