In memory of and sympathy for


Three men killed

Wounded men, a women and a child

Abducted 6 persons


Early in the morning of May 25, 2009


in Lashkar Gah, foreign occupation and Afghan forces carried out raids on a series of home in the early morning. The forces entered three different buildings and encountered non-cooperation from some residents. A press release issued by the Afghan military’s General Zahir Azimi (put kindly not known for his truthfulness) proclaimed that three non-cooperating men were killed, a woman and child injured from by his soldiers, and arrested six other individuals. Azimi was a one-time prominent Mojahedin commander in the Herat area and senior military commander of warlord Ismael Khan of Herat, member of the Northern Alliance and now world-class liar [as amply documented elsewhere in the Afghan Victim Memorial Project]. We would not know about this incident were it not for the independent reporting of Pajhwok Afghan News.


Killed and injured in a ground operation by NATO and Afghan forces