In memory of



Naeem, Baroki, Shereen and Lal Din (4 brothers), sons of Haji Mohammad

6 family members abducted



Late at night on May 26/27, 2009


 On the outskirts of Pul—i-Alam, Logar Province. We would not know about this incident were it not for the independent reporting of Pajhwok Afghan News’ reporters who wrote,

“(the) US military on Wednesday claimed killing four armed Taliban during a joint operation with Afghan national army soldiers in central Logar province, but local residents and an MP said the dead were civilians. A member of the Parliament and residents told Pajhwok Afghan News that the US forces backed by helicopters in the last night operation killed four members of the same family and arrested eight others. However, the coalition said four Taliban insurgents were killed in the operation carried out in Qala Wazir area on the outskirts of provincial capital Pul-i-Alam last midnight. The US forces first fired a rocket at the gate and then entered the house and shot dead four brothers, the family said. The elder brother of the deceased persons Qadeem said their brothers of ages between 18 and 28 were killed when they were asleep at the hujra of their house. He identified the dead as Naeem, Baroki, Shereen and Lal Din. Qadeem said after killing his brothers, the US forces took away his two more brothers and six cousins. The victimized family had returned from Pakistan three years ago. A neighbor Sher Zaman also said the killed people were innocent and locals. "The US forces are killing locals without any justification," Zaman charged. Logar police chief Gen Ghulam Mustafa Muhsini also confirmed the killing of four persons in the US raid, but would say whether they were militants or civilians. In Kabul, the US-led coalition in a statement said that those killed in the last night operation were armed Taliban. The statement said the coalition troops assisted by the Afghan national army soldiers conducted the operation to arrest a militant leader belonging to Jalaluddin Haqqani group.”


Killed in a night-time U.S ground assault