In memory of


Hajji Gholam Jaan, 65, a tribal leader

Gol Ahmad, another man


in the early morning of June 19, 2009


in the Qala Arban district of Farah City, Farah Province. Foreign occupation forces raided the home of the Nowruzi tribal leader, Hajji Gholam, killing him and another man. Some months ago, Hajji Gholam, 65, had had his house raided in Khak-e-Safed and one person was killed.  Since then he had shifted to live in Farah city. We know about this only because a member of the Farah provincial council, Ms. Belqis Roshan, spioke with the independent Afghan Islamic Press. The western press has been completely siklent about this killing.


Killed in a ground raid by foreign occupation forces