In memory of


At least 4 civilians killed


on Friday, April 24, 2009


in the Chak-Wardak district of Maidan Wardak Province, 55 kms southwest of Kabul. A surge of U.S occupation forces ordered by Obama has taken place with some 3,000 new troops in Wardak and Logar provinces. A fire fight erupted in Chak-Wardak and U.S-led (10th Mtn Division) occupation forces called-in close air support. The result was predictable: some 6-8 dead “militants” as well as at least four civilians. The NATO offices naturally quickly proclaimed (”grab the initial news headlines”) that no civilians had died ( ). The Associated Press of course immediately picked-up the U.S/NATO military version of events (in ). 


Killed by a U.S. close air support strike