In memory of


Abdul Manan, a poor farmer


Killed on May 17, 2009


 on his farmland in the Pusht-e-Koh district of Farah Province. The Pusht-e-Koh district is 70% Pashtun. A poor farmer, Abdul Manan, irrigating his land was fired upon by NATO forces (likely Italian or U.S occupation forces based in Farah), killing him instantly. The foreign forces also destroyed Manan’s motorbike by hurling hand grenades at it, according to a member of the Farah provincial council, Balqis Roshan. The de facto execution involved the use of a weapon which badly burned Abdul Manan’s face, as shown in the photo of the victim below:

The following day, almost 100 residents of Manan’s village brought the body to the office of the Farah governor who refused to meet the angered villagers. Afghan police intervened, shooting in the air, forcing the protesters to take the body of Abdul Manan back to his village. 

As usual, the U.S military issued no statement about the incident. Instead, the obedient head of police proclaimed that U.S troops had eliminated a Taliban guerrilla.


Killed by either Italian or U.S. occupation ground forces