In memory of and sympathy for


Abdul Khaliq, father

3-4 men abducted



on night of February 20/21, 2008

in the village of Deh Naw, Mohammad Agha district of Logar Province. U.S forces broke into a home, killing one man, a father, and abducting 3-4 other persons. The brother of Abdul Khalq said foreign forces knocked on the door which he opened. The soldiers entered the home and opened fire killing Khalq. On Saturday, 350-400 angry villagers blocked the Kabul-Gardez highway. They brought the body of the dead man. People chanted anti-American slogans and marched towards the province’s capital. They carried sticks, guns and some even had rocket launchers, demanding the release of those abducted. Some threw stones at local officials.

Killed in a ground raid by U.S-led forces