In memory of and sympathy for


5 civilians killed and others injured:

Khalil Dawar, father and home owner

His 2 sons

His brother

A nephew



Just after 5 P.M. of January 23, 2009



In Zyaraki (Zharki) village, 2 kms west of Mir Ali, North Waziristan. A U.S Predator drone fired 3 Hellfire missiles into dwellings suspected of harboring militants. The missiles hit the Hujra of Haji Khalil Dawar, killing 10 people and injuring several others. The owner of the house, Dawar, his two sons, a brother and a nephew were among the dead, as were some “foreign militants.” In another attack, a U.S drone fired two missiles which hit the home of a pro-government tribal elder, Malik Deen Faraz in the Gangikhel area of South Waziristan, killing him, his three sons and a grandson. At least four children were killed in the two U.S. attacks authorized by newly elected President Obama.

The following photos depict the aftermath. Pakistan tribesmen stand besides victims’ coffins, a large gathering of tribesmen attend the funeral of the victims, and tribesmen sift through the rubble. Winning hearts and minds?

Killed and injured in two attacks by U.S. drones