In memory of and sympathy for


5 children killed

2 children wounded

2 adults wounded



early morning of February 12, 2009

Killed by Australian occupation forces in the village of Sarmorgharb, Uruzgan Province, as first reported by the independent Afghan Islamic Press. The Australian SAS were raiding a compound when gun fire broke out. The result was 5 dead children, two others wounded and at least two adults wounded according to Australian military sources.
The Australian occupation forces operate out of main base in Tirin Kot, numbering 300 Special Forces soldiers and another 800 involved in so-called mentoring and reconstruction, aka counterinsurgency (building the usual schools, clinics and roads). A recent report observed that the reconstruction undertaken by NATO is achieving very little. The main reason cited is that the 55,000 occupation troops represent a mere 15% of the troops needed to secure Afghanistan.

Killed by Australian (SAS) Special Forces’ ground fire