In memory of and sympathy for


5 civilians killed

2 others wounded


on Saturday night, March 14/15, 2009


in a village named Cheena of Maiwand district, Kandahar Province. U.S Special Forces and their Afghan satrap forces killed 5 civilians and wounded two more, according to local villagers. Three corpses of bearded men were displayed in the open back of white Toyota pickup trucks at a traffic circle in a suburb of Kandahar. "I think foreigners came to Afghanistan to kill innocent people, not to kill Taliban," said Haji Mohammed, one the village elders. He stood on the open tailgate of one of trucks and beckoned passersby to look at two of the men who were laid out side by side in one vehicle. Local journalists witnessing the event were forced by Afghan police at gunpoint to leave the area, and the crowd dispersed soon afterward. The villagers were believed to come from the Noorzai tribe. Afghan officials expressed fear that the killings would whip up anti-American sentiment.

The U.S. military command said Saturday’s operation conducted with Afghan commandos was aimed “at disrupting foreign fighters and a weapons distribution network in the district. The operation was successful and five militants who resisted were killed.


Killed by U.S. Special Forces’ might0time ground attack