In memory of 


4 younger sons of Haji Usman killed

2 other civilians killed

4 elders abducted

in the early night of February 5/6, 2009

in the village of Tori, Sharesafa district of Zabul Province. A night-time U.S air and ground attack resulted in the deaths of six civilians including children, according to a district elder, Saleh Mohammad. The district chief confirmed the deaths saying that the house of Haji Mohammad Usman was hit and Usman’s four sons killed. Two members of another family also were killed.The occupation forces arrested Haji Usman as well as three other village elders. The U.S command as usual issued a communiqué claiming that their forces had targeted “the Jeldak IED cell.” The persons killed had allegedly resisted surrender. Atha Mohammad, a tribal leader from Shahresafa said many people had fled the district because of repeated raids in the area. The next day angry villagers blocked the main highway and brought the dead bodies on the road.

Killed in U.S air and ground strike