In memory of


4 civilians killed


on Saturday, April 11, 2009


in a village of the Shinkay district of Zabul province. U.S occupation forces and their Afghan satraps were patrolling when they were attacked by RPGs and gunfire. A firefight broke out and close air support (CAS) was called-in. Different reports detail what ensued. Some “militants” were killed. But four bodies most likely of civilians were brought to the local police station. The Afghan Islamic Press reported that foreign forces had killed “four students.” On the other hand, as usual the U.S and Afghan military proclaimed that “4 militants” were killed. The region is isolated enough that US/NATO propaganda claims might remain unchallenged unlike in the recent Khost slaughter where the US military initially announced that “four combatants” were killed but then had to back-peddle in the face of mounting contrary evidence.


Killed in a CAS attack