In memory of and sympathy for


4 civilians killed

Wounded 2 others

5 abducted to a fate unknown


at 3 A.M. on March 7, 2009

in Shiga village outside Khost city. As usual, U.S troops (and Afghan Border Police) raided two homes in the middle of the night (3 A.M.). Talawat Khan, owner of one of the raided homes told Xinhua, “The U.S soldiers entered two houses in Shiga village…at 3 A.M. today and after killing four innocent people arrested five others.” Later on Friday, protesters brought the four bodies onto Khost’s main street in a demonstration, shouting “Death to America,” etc. Angry protestors threw stones at passing by American military convoy and obstructed their way forward.

The two photos above come from

Such overnight raids are typically targeted missions by U.S. Special Operations Forces that seek to capture or kill high-ranking militant leaders. As usual, the U.S. military’s propaganda version sounded very different (and was, of course, picked up by CNN Int’l, the A.P., etc): “The combined force returned fire, killing four militants and wounding one. The wounded man and four other militants were detained, the coalition said. A search of the compound where the shootout happened revealed weapons, explosives and materials for making improvised explosive devices, the coalition said. The U.S. military says the Haqqani network is responsible for attacks on troops” (CNN Int’l).

Killed in a middle of the night raid by U.S Special Operations forces