In memory of


4-5 civilians killed


at 00:45 AM on April 17, 2009


in Garmawak village, Maiwand district of Kandahar Province, some 100 kms northwest of Kandahar.

The Garmawak areas was the site of an Al Qaeda training camp called Rut Para, nestled in the mountains between Kandahar and Helmand provinces. The camp consisted of 14 “dilapidated structures,” an obstacles course, a shooting range, a series of inter-connected caves, AK-47s, a 45mm machine-gun and reading material (according to reports of Westerners who visited the camp in January 2002). This is hardly a type of facility which cannot easily be replicated just about anywhere in the world. Yet the Obama régime justifies its continued war upon Afghanistan in order to prevent Al Qaeda from re-establishing camps like Rut Para. Can’t such low-tech camps be easily set up in the Philippines, Somalia, the Sahel, Nigeria, Yemen, etc.?

U.S-led forces seeking to kill “a militant closely associated with the anti-Afghan forces leadership in Pakistan” attacked several “compounds” with close air support. The Afghan Taliban reported that 5 civilians including an elderly man were killed in Garmawak at 00:45 AM local time. For its part, the U.S military announced the Maiwand raid but admitted it did not know if the target of the raid was killed though proclaimed it had “killed an unknown number of militants.”


Killed in close air support bombing