In memory of and sympathy for


2 boys aged 10-12 killed

Another boy aged 4 died later

Another 3 injured

on February 23, 2009

killed near the village of Salehan, 15 kms southwest of Kandahar city. The victims came from Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid village (built by a wealthy sheikh from Dubai for people disabled by bombs and landmines). The two boys, aged about 10-12 yrs old, children were killed by a Canadian rocket which exploded. The spent Canadian ammunition exploded. Other children were seriously injured and a 4-yr-old boy later died in a Kandahar hospital. Outraged villagers carried the dead boys on a motorbike with a plywood box on the back to a provincial council office. Their bodies were badly mangled. Protesters yelled “Death to the Canadians,” “Death to the Americans.” One protester said the children were returning from school. Abdul Matin said, “We are crippled and the foreign troops want to make our children crippled. For God’s sake, won’t you let us live in peace? We don’t want help from them; we just don’t want them to kill our children.”

The only thing CNN had to say about the incident was “Afghanistan: Children’s bodies used in macabre protest.”

Haji Baaz Mohd, a resident of Salehan, shouted,


“We want Mullah Omar, We want the Taliban government.”


For God’s sake, won’t you let us live in peace?”


Killed by Canadian ground forces