In memory of and sympathy for


2-6 civilians (incl. at least 1 woman, a shopkeeper and his wife, etc

Other wounded)


on June 1, 2009


 in the Bala Murghab district of Badghis Province. The Taliban has had a strong presence in the districts of Bala Murghab, Ghormach and Qades. Foreign forces (Italian) and Afghan “security” forces launched a cleaning-up operation in Bala Murghab on May 29th. Fighting broke out in numerous places. An Italian armored vehicle fired at what were civilians (the the words "Italia" in Persian (ایطالیا) were clearly written on the tank). Residents of Bala Murghab said 6 civilians, including women, children, a shopkeeper and his wife, were killed in the fighting. The deputy governor admitted that “only two civilians” (incl. a woman) had died.

In the Afghan province of Badghis, at Bala Murghab, Italian soldiers of the 183rd Regiment, Nembo Parachute Division, are fighting to break the pressure of the Taliban militia. At their side, are observers of the 185th Regiment target acquisition, the sappers of the 183rd Regiment paratrooper Corp of Engineers, and Afghan Troops, flanked by a handful of US military advisers. The Italians operate a forward operating base at Bala Murghab ( ).


Dozens of families have fled the area of fighting in Bala Murghab. Residents staged a public protest over the killings. Winning hearts & minds?


 Killed by Italian occupation forces’ ground fire