In memory of and sympathy for


1-3 shop keepers killed

4-5 villagers wounded


on April 8, 2009


in the village of Gangi Khel located 5 kms west of near Wana, South Waziristan, Pakistan. A circling CIA drone was fired upon by an anti-aircraft gun mounted on a truck parked in the village. The drone retaliated. Ac local official told Agence France Presse, “drones initially flew over mountains near Gangi Khel, where the Taliban have some positions…the drones targeted a vehicle which was parked near some shops. Three people were killed in the attack. Four others were wounded – they were either shopkeepers or local residents.” Others said one shopkeeper was killed and three “militants” were killed. The region of Wana is known to be the stomping ground of Mullah Nazir, an important Taliban commander.  This was the third U.S drone attack in a week, making very clear the priorities of the Obama regime.



Killed and injured by a CIA drone strike