In memory of


16 civilians: 6 women, 2 children, and

6 men



Killed at 4 A.M. on February 16, 2008



Village of Karez Sultan in the Gozara district of Herat Province, a mountainous region of the province, located some 20 kms east of Herat city. A “precision” air strike allegedly targeting a commander of the Hezb-e-Islami group, Yahya Akbari, hit a nomad tent settlement, killing 6 women, 2 children and five men (see photos) according to locals and local officials. Three other men were killed who had come to repair a jeep nearby the nomads. Khair Mohammad said that two of these men were his brother and his assistant, “he was a mechanic and was taken there by a person to fix his car. Karim Khan, one of the survivors said aircraft started bombing the area at 4 in the morning, “13 people from the tents and 3 other visitors were killed.” A later report said that Ghulam Yahya Akbari, the target of the attack was unhurt, although he said that two of his men along with a local mechanic were killed in the raid. In other words, 6 civilian men were killed.

Photos show Afghans carrying body parts of the victims


As usual, the U.S. military propaganda machine asserted on Monday that the “precision” strike had killed “15 militants” and that it had been called based upon “credible reports provided by concerned Afghan citizens” that Yahya Akbari was there. Faced with undeniable evidence from independent sources, the U.S military finally conceded on Saturday that the air strike had killed 13 civilians and three militants.

Was the woman (photographed below) the mother of a militant?

Afghan mother crying over her son’s death in Gozara

An Afghan woman and her daughter mourn after the death of a relative during an air strike in Herat province, Afghanistan in 2008. The US has admitted that an airstrike earlier this week killed 13 civilians in Herat (Photo: Fraidoon Pooyaa / AP)



Visitors to the bombed area also reported that the deadly air strike had killed over 60 animals in the encampment of 100 families. Videos taken in the aftermath showed mangled, unrecognizable clumps of flesh – all that remained of several people and dozens of animals killed in the tent encampment. One body was that of a young boy, bloodied and dirtied, lying in a white shroud. 



Precisely killed in a U.S. air strike