In memory of


Naib, 22

 Rasul, 22

killed at 5 P.M. on February 11, 2005

in a field near the village of Moghalan, outside old Soviet Shindand air base in Farah Province. The two young men were cutting firewood beside the road when a car with ANA soldiers drove past, followed by U.S./ Special Forces soldiers in a black sport utility vehicle. At the sight of the SUV, the two men stopped their work and fled across a field toward the village according to two witnesses. The witnesses had been nearby watching over a flock of sheep. They said four American soldiers got out of the SUV, two fired at the fleeing men, cutting them down. Rasul was killed instantly, but Naib was still alive. A witness, Taj Muhammad said, “[Naib] was lying face down, and his hand was out to the side…when they approached, he moved it and tried to put weight on it. The Americans came and shot him.” The two witnesses said one American fired three shots into the chest of Naib. Muhammad Khan, an elder of the village of Moghalan, said,

“You Americans are always insisting on human rights in the world. But in war, when your enemy is injured, you do not have the right to shoot him, and you shot him with three pistol shots.”

Naturally, the Americans denied all wrong-doing. Members of the U.S. Special Forces 1st Battalion, 7th Special Forces (based at Fort Bragg, N.C.) killed the two young men who had been cutting firewood. Subsequently, U.S. forces paid off the families with “compensation” of $ 2,350.