In memory of


mother of a severely injured 2 yr-old girl

mother of a severely injured 16-yr old girl

died in night of December 10/11, 2001

in the ward of Ghazni hospital from severe wounds caused by a U.S. “precision” bomb. The village of Mowshkheyl in northeastern Paktika was severely bombed three times on Saturday-Sunday, December 8-9, 2001. American shrapnel tore through the abdomen of a woman, Rose, broke her 4-yr-old son’s leg and ripped into her 6-yr0old daughter’s head, doctors at the Ghazni hospital told David Rhode (of the New York Times). A second 6-yr-old girl, Palwasha, was paralyzed from the waist down. X-rays showed that a tiny shard of metal from a U.S. “precision” bomb had neatly severed her spinal chord. Two more victims of the U.S. bombing were in an area called “the intensive care unit”: a moaning 16-yr-old girl with a shattered arm and 10 shards of shrapnel embedded in her shoulder and an unconscious 2-yr-old girl which had torn open her abdomen, said Dr. Chaziyar, the hospital’s chief surgeon. The mother of the small child died as did the mother of the 16-yr-old girl. Bibi Hawa, the aunt of the paralyzed 6-yr-old girl, Palawasha (in the photo above) said a convoy of fleeing Arabs passed through the village on Saturday. Twenty-four hours later, at 4 A.M., U.S warplanes struck just as families were preparing their daily predawn meal that is part of holy Ramadan. Ms. Hawa said 13 villagers were killed and more than 40 were injured, adding: “no Arabs were injured…only these grandchildren and ladies.” Another U.S. “precision” strike! The Pentagon never offered a comment.

U.S warplanes in three successive “precision” airstrikes kill 13 and injure about 40.