The Afghan Victim Memorial

یـادبــود از قــربـانیــان افغـــان

The following lists names of Afghan civilians who died as a consequence of U.S. actions.  Often Afghans go by one name only.  Further details surrounding the particular U.S. attack may be found in the articles and reports listed in the sources column of the day-by-day chronicles. Naturally, we know the names of only a fraction of those who died.

این لیست نامهای غیرنظامیان افغان را در بر میگیرد که در اثر حملات امریکا کشته شده اند. معمولا افغانها فقط یک نام دارند. معلومات بیشتر در مورد حملات مشخص در کالم مربوطه در رویداد های روزانه قابل دسترسی میباشد.  طبعا ما فقط نام بخشی از کشته شده ها را در اختیار داریم.
از افغانهای مقیم افغانستان و پاکستان تقاضا میشود که در تکمیل این لیست با ارسال نام، مشخصات و

تصاویر قربانیان غیرنظامی‌ همکاری نمایند.


The following rare video captures what local villagers had to say about the deadly U.S. air strike:


Video: US air raid fuels Afghan anger - 27 Jan 09 at
AlJazeera English - Jan 27, 2009. Afghan civilians have rallied against America amid reports that civilians were killed in a US air raid over the weekend. The US military says 15 fighters… 


Afghans and/or tribespersons living in the Afghan-Pakistan borderlands. U.S, NATO, official Afghan, and most of the western media go to great lengths to censor either by commission (lying) or omission (silence) reports of such attacks. We can expect redoubled efforts at such censorship and disinformation under the Obama regime with powerful assists provided by the humanitarian imperialists (such as Soros-funded Human Rights Watch, National Public Radio, Harvard’s Carr Center, and the like).


In memory of


Two men killed ;Woman injured; Two children injured; A man injured who died later

22 civilians (including women and children): Shekh Anwar, family father; Sheri Ali, his son; Norullah, another son; Noral, another son; Shekh Anwar’s wife; Shekh Anwar’s infant; Torgul, son of Mohammad Masom; 2 small children of Mohammad Masom; Feda Mohammad, son of Akam Khan; Abdullah, son of Akam Khan; 2 small children of Akam Khan; 2 sons of Mohammad Hanif; Haji Dastangul, family grandfather; Basgul, wife of Haji Dastangul; Mohammada Gul, son; Sayeda Gul, son; Denar Gul, grandson of Haji Dastangul;2 other children of the Dastangul family

5 civilians killed and others injured: Khalil Dawar, father and home owner; His 2 sons; His brother; A nephew

A civilian man

 Amir Painda, tribal leader;  His driver, seriously injured

2 children killed aged 8 and 12; 3 adults wounded 

Haji Abdul Qadoos, adult man killed; Abdul Rauf, adult man killed; 3 children injured; 2 women injured; 3 men abducted to a fate unknown

A male motorcyclist

4 younger sons of Haji Usman killed; 2 other civilians killed; 4 elders abducted

Qabol Khan, a middle  school principal killed; His wife and child injured

A father; His two sons; and a guest

4 civilians

A child

5 children killed; 2 children wounded; 2 adults wounded

A civilian injured

2 civilians

16 civilians: 6 women, 2 children, and 6 men

Abdul Khaliq, father; 3-4 men abducted

2 boys aged 10-12 killed; Another boy aged 4 died later; Another 3 injured

A civilian local man; 2 others wounded

An unarmed Afghan man executed

8 civilians killed; 17 others wounded

A civilian man

2 children killed; Estimated 2-4 local tribes people killed; Other tribes people injured

3-6 wounded protesters

4 civilians killed; Wounded 2 others; 5 abducted to a fate unknown

One child killed; Another child wounded

2 civilians abducted to a fate unknown; Children and women beaten

A local farmer killed; His brother wounded

Abdul Rashid, a father; His four sons:Abdul Shakir, Abdul Nasir, Abdul Qadir, Abdul Latif

Guljuma, 10, lost her arm; Farzana, 8 mos, lost her arm

Malik Hassan Kamalzoy, tribal elder, abducted; His 4 family members abducted

5 civilians killed; 2 others wounded

Aziz Rahman’s 2 children killed; Razia, 8, burned with white phosphorous; Unknown number of civilians killed (incl. women and children)

6 abducted school students; An injured female member of Parliament

Two civilians

4 male employees of a district governor and a civilian guest: Hassan Jan, killed while asleep; Almed Iman, killed while asleep; Obaidullah, mayor’s driver shot; Nasrullah, mayor’s bodyguard, shot; Naqibullah, Nasrullah’s visiting cousin, shot;4 men abducted to a fate unknown

Pacha Gul, 45

2 farmers slaughtered

A civilian man

A local man riding a bicycle

A boy, 15, killed; 12 persons abducted to a fate unknown

an estimated half dozen civilians killed (incl. Gul Malik Orakzai’s 2 children)

At least 7 civilians killed (including 2 women)

3 women killed; 4 children killed; Other civilians wounded

A woman killed; A child killed; Two seriously injured

A little girl

1-3 shop keepers killed; 4-5 villagers wounded

A brother of Jannat Gul and Awal Khan; Sister-in-law of Jannat Gul, a teacher; Nadia, 17, daughter of Awal Khan; Aimal, 15, son of Awal Khan; Unborn child of Khan’s cousin’s wife

4 civilians killed

Safia, a girl, 3; A boy, ~10; One woman; Three civilian men; 14 civilians wounded: 7 children, a woman, 6 men

Maulvi Abdullah; His wife; Their son

4-5 civilians killed

Zia-ul-Haq, 35, son of Haji Abdul Wahid; Zia’s wife; A male driver

8 civilians killed (including women & children); At least 2 others wounded

At least 4 civilians killed

Behnooshahr, a girl, 12; Her mother wounded; A male driver wounded

Ahmaduddin’s brother, 30; Ahmaduddin’s son, 20; Ahmaduddin’s two nephews, 17-19; A woman wounded

2-15 civilians killed; 3 more injured

4-6 civilians killed; 2-4 wounded

The U.S. massacre (war crime) in Bala Baluk: “Truckloads of Bodies” - Reuters   127-147 (prelim.) civilians killed Countless others wounded, like

A man killed; Abducted man’s father and brother to a fate unknown

at least ten civilians

Malem Mohammad Nader, 55, male; Mohammad Musa Khan, 60, his brother; 3 women injured; Mirza Mohammad Khan, 70, another brother injured

Abdullah, 17, a student

A civilian man

A man killed, two others wounded

Husband and son

A father and his teenage son killed; Three other family members wounded

At least 10 tribesmen

Abdul Manan, a poor farmer

8 civilians

Another Afghan farmer

Killed 1 construction worker; Wounded 18 others

18 arrested civilians

0-11 civilians

Three men killed; Wounded men, a women and a child; Abducted 6 persons

A man driver killed and another injured

A male driver
a man killed
Naeem, Baroki, Shereen and Lal Din (4 brothers), sons of Haji Mohammad; 6 family members abducted

2-6 civilians (incl. at least 1 woman, a shopkeeper and his wife, etc; Other wounded)

2 civilians

2 killed: a schoolchild (14) and a young man; At least 50 wounded

4 men; Three women; Two children

6 civilians

10 dead civilians (5 children and 5 women & men); Others wounded

2 civilians killed; 5 civilians wounded

4 civilians killed and 4 injured

3-5 tribesmen

Hajji Gholam Jaan, 65, a tribal leader; Gol Ahmad, another man

“A dozen innocent people killed and injured” (estimated 5 civilians killed)

3 women killed; 11 civilians (incl. 6 children) wounded



I have benefited greatly from the graphic work begun in early 2002 by Mike King, graphic artist at London Guildhall University, with whom I corresponded providing casualty data. Mike King had started a memorial project called the “The Twin Tragedy”  (see ).