In memory of


Four women

Six children

Abdul Hakim, prayer leader

Abdul Karim, 50, brother of Abdul Hakim


Family of Abdul Ali: his wife, 5-yr-old son (Nabiullah), 7 yr-old daughter (Qabila), 3-yr-old daughter (Gulalai), 30-yr-old brother (Saleh Muhammad)

7 other civilians

Killed at 10:50 P.M. in the night of July 4/5, 2006

in the village of Ghach Zar, Kajaki district, 25 kilometers east of Musa Qala, Helmand Province. U.S. war planes pounded the village killing at least 15-22 civilians according to villagers there. Two homes were obliterated: one belonging to Abdul Ali where his five family members were killed by U.S. bombs; the second was the home of a prayer leader in which six more civilians were slaughtered. Residents said some other homes had also been struck. U.S. war planes had been flying over the area and fearing being bombed, the prayer leader Abdul Hakim left his home with his family members in search of a safer place. But he and his family including his 50-yr-old brother, Abdul Karim, six children and four women were then killed when the U.S. planes dropped “precision” bombs. Abdul Quadar Norzai, regional head of the Afghan Independent Human Rights Council (AIHRC) in Kandahar, said (on July 14, 2006) that 22 civilians had been killed when the village of Ghachi Zari in the Kajaki District was bombed by coalition aircraft whivh struck two separate houses in the village. Predictably, the U.S. military’s propaganda spokeswoman, Lt. Tamara Lawrence in Kabul, told the assembled press corps there that an “estimated 35 extremists [were killed] while they met at a Taliban compound in the village of Ghach Zar.” Key code words here are extremists and Taliban compound, whose translations are civilians and village homes. The corporate mainstream press dutifully served to amplify the propaganda version. This attack is (probably) typical of what has been, is, and will be taking place during “Operation Mountain Thrust.”

U.S. war planes “precision bombed” the village of Ghach Zar