In memory of


52-60 civilians, including:

Janu Akhu’s 18 family members,

Gul Mohammad’s 15 relatives

Manan Jan’s 12 family members


during June 16 – 18, 2007


in a series of villages in the Chora District, some 40 kms northeast of Tirin Kot, in Uruzgan Province during three days of intense fighting (now called the Battle of Chora). Hundreds of Taliban resistance fighters attacked police posts in the town of Chora, setting off a prolonged battle with NATO/US/Afghan forces. As usual, the occupation forces called-in close air support (CAS). Intense bombing by NATO forces killed between 52-60 civilians over three days (and 16-35 puppet Afghan policemen, one Dutch occupation soldier, etc.). The Afghan Human Rights Commission said 60-70 civilians had been killed in aerial and artillery attacks around Chora. Janu Akha, 62, injured, said eight bombs hit his village of Qala-i-Ragh on Saturday: “Eight bombs fell on my village. On Sunday my relatives buried 18 members of my family including women and children.” Another man in Tirin Kot’s hospital, Gul Mohammad, said 15 relatives including women and children had been killed. Dr. Hajed Noor, a doctor at Uruzgan’s main hospital in the provincial capital, Tirin Kot, said 34 people wounded in the battles had been brought to the hospital, including nine women and seven children. He said his patients reported that many other wounded people were still in Chora district and could not make it to the hospital because of the fighting. The Uruzgan provincial council chief, Mullah Ahmidullah Khan, estimated that 60 civilians had perished, adding “I also saw Manan Jan in the hospital. He had 12 family members killed.” A doctor of the hospital in Tirin Kot said, “Most of the people who were killed are still there (in Chora). They are not bringing the bodies here…” Another doctor at the hospital, Mohammad Fahim, said: "Most of the people who were killed are still there (in Chora). They are not bringing the bodies here, so that is why we do not know how many have been killed." A summary of fighter jet activity from Sunday sent out by the U.S. Central Command hinted at the ferocity of the battles, detailing at least eight aircraft dropping bombs or firing on the area. An official of the Uruzgan governor’s office said 70-75 civilians were killed or wounded.

Even the “mayor of Kabul”, Hamid Karzai, felt compelled to decry the slaughter, saying “In Chora, NATO coalition forces fired artillery on Chora from Tirin Kot in which according to our latest information…52 of our countrymen were martyred.”


Killed in “precision” bombing and artillery fire by Dutch and U.S. occupation forces including all six Dutch F-16s