In memory of

“14 civilian casualties”

on Monday, April 10, 2006

in the vicinity of the town of Bahramcha, Deshu district in the extreme south of Helmand Province next to the border with Baluchistan. Taliban fighters attacked a military convoy of the so-called “Afghan Special Narcotics Forces” and a firefight ensued. As usual close air support was called-in and heavy aerial attacks followed. Col. Jim Yonts admitted that U.S. and Afghan forces had been conducting “aggressive combat operations” in the region. The U.S. bombing reportedly killed some Taliban as well as civilians. A resident of the area told the Afghan Islamic Press that there were casualties in the firefight.A Reuters report (April 23, 2006, 09:51 AM Doha time) said that “a resident of the Deshu district, Faisal Mohammed, said 14 civilians had been killed and two wounded in the bombing.” The extreme isolation of the region combined with all-out effort by U.S. occupation forces to prevent any independent news gathering, makes getting details on civilian casualties very difficult.

Killed as a result of firing/bombing by U.S. close air support