In memory of

Bibi Tote, 74, mother of Habdul Razaq

Samy, 8, son of Habdul Razaq

Mohammad Amania, 12, son of Habdul Razaq

Satar, 10, son of Habdul Razaq

Habdul Wajad, 40, worker

Abdul Waleed, 16, student

Bibi Zahra, 60, daughter of Mohammad Qasim

Mohammad Asif, 42, son of Mohammad Gul

Bibi Fatma, 17, daughter of Amain Jahn

Amir Moh, 45, son of Moh Nazar

Khan Moh, 35, son of Moh Nazar

Mohammad Nadze, 63, shopkeeper

Mohammad Siar, 19, driver and son of Mhalim Hbdulqdr

Gulham Heedr, 75, father

Gulham Heedr’s wife, 70, mother of Mohammad Qasim

Bibi Zera, 61, aunt of Mohammad Qasim

killed around November 10-11, 2001

in Tangi-e-Tashqurghan (also called Kholm), a bazaar market town some 55 kms east of Mazar, famous for orchards and figs, located on the main highway linking Mazar and Kabul. As the Taliban fled east from Mazar towards the gorge of Tashqurghan and on towards Kabul and Kunduz, U.S. war planes bombed the highways mercilessly. The persons named above were killed either in Tashqurghan or in vehicles there. The names of the persons were gathered in interviews early June 2002 by the team of Marla Ruzicka.

Precisely bombed by U.S. warplanes