In Memory of


a woman

Ma’moor Abdul Qayyum’s son, 11


killed in the night of July 1, 2002

in the village of Kakarak, Uruzgan. Cheenara, 18, was sitting with her girlfriends listing to songs on a tape recorder. She was happy that her sister was about to marry the son of the local tribal chief. Suddenly, she heard a roar, followed by a massive explosion. She said, “I don’t know what happened next…I woke in the [Mir Wais] hospital.” Kako, 8, ran outside after the explosion. She recalled, “I saw the pool of blood in the courtyard filled with blood, there were bodies lying all around. I saw a woman without a head.” Naseema, 15, remembers, “A piece of iron sliced the woman’s neck in front of me…in a split second her head was not on her body.” An older woman, Haleema, said “I saw bodies flying like straws…I had to jump over 6 bodies to escape.” Another woman said, “it was like an abattoir…there was blood everywhere.” Ma’amoor Abdul Qayyum saw his son, 11, die when “something came flying and hit him.”

Killed in the U.S. “precision” bombing attack